NGK Racing Spark Plugs : B11EG ## Minimum Order Quantity in 4 plugs ##

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NGK Racing Spark plugs B11EG
Part No : 2055
Heat Range : 11
Size: 14.0mm x 19.0mm x Hex 20.8mm
Non-Resistor Type
Spark Gap – Motorcycle : 0.7-0.8mm / Car : 0.8-0.9mm

Denso : IW34
Denso Iridium : IW34
Denso Iridium TOUGH :

Racing Spark Plug

    Type : Racing
    Electrode design : Engine tuning. Torturous racing conditions. Avoid problems due to extremes of temperature.
    Service Life ** FOR RACING ONLY
    NGK Racing spark plugs have been designed to withstand severe operating conditions, such as high combustion temperatures and increased pressures. Their superior performance has been proven in motorbike and car races in Japan and overseas, including Formula One, World Rally Championship and MotoGP.