NGK Iridium DF Spark Plugs : DF5B-11A ## Minimum Order Quantity in 4 plugs ##

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NGK Iridium DF Spark plugs DF5B-11A
Part No : 7686
Heat Range : 5
Size: 14.0mm x 26.5mm x Hex 16.0mm
Non-Resistor Type
Spark Gap – 1.1mm Gap

Upgrade to NGK Iridium-RX : LFR5ARX-11P

Denso : FK16HR11
Denso Iridium :
Denso Iridium TOUGH : VFKH16

Iridium DF Spark Plug

    Type* : Iridium DF
    Centre Electrode : Iridium tip
    Ground Electrode : Platinum pad/chip
    Service Life ** 100,000 kms
    Superior ignitability due to fine tip centre and ground electrodes. Excellent service life.
    Iridium DF plugs have the same performance as Iridium IX plugs but also achieve a long life. They maintain their performance longer than platinum plugs.
    *NGK Spark Plugs are designed to OEM requirements and as such, a variant of each of the above styles may not be available as it may not be an OEM requirement.
    **Please note that the service life is provided as a general guide and may vary due to vehicle driving conditions.