NGK IRI Series Spark Plugs : IRIWAY9 ## Minimum Order Quantity in 4 plugs ##

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NGK IRI Series Spark plugs IRIWAY9
Part No : 5003
Heat Range : 9
Size: 14.0mm x 19.0mm x Hex 16.0mm
Resistor Type
Spark Gap – Car : 0.8-0.9mm

Denso : IK27
Denso Iridium : IK27
Denso Iridium TOUGH :

IRI Series Spark Plug

    Type : IRI Series
    Centre Electrode : Very small diameter, iridium alloy center electrode.
    Ground Electrode : Taper cut
    The IRI Series plugs are designed for tuned engines that require a high heat rating; they are Iridium Plugs with excellent ignition and acceleration characteristics.